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Parallel Sectors

Graffiti y Mural en Euskadi

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logotipo cartel



Eva Mena

Eva Mena graduated in Fine Arts and started painting graffiti in 1996. Her murals are scattered in countries such as Morocco, Brazil, Palestine, France, Egypt, United Kingdom or Norway. Her personal work is full of women acti- vists and feminists whose struggle and message she values and makes visi- ble. Music inspires many of her works, what musicians create and transmit, singers ... she also frequently gives conferences, classes, graffiti workshops and events where she shares her knowledge.


Ruth Juan

Ruth Juan was born in Barcelona and there she grew up and developed her outlook on life. With two friends, she set up a costume design and making workshop for circus and theater performances and then worked in a workshop where she could work on more famous projects. Since 2009 she has lived in Bilbao, where she bet on what he had always felt to be her true passion: illustration. After having studied and received a scholarship year from the BilbaoArte Foundation, she materializes her work in her first illustrated book. She works on different projects as a freelance illustrator under her brand name Juanita Makina. She creates illustrations for books, graphic works, murals full of color, thus maintaining his creative bustle as a way of life.




Yubia is an artist born in Bilbao but living in Barcelona for over ten years. She studied Fine Arts and specialized in web design and social media. Today, she works as a designer for Montana Colors and organizes exhibitions at Montana Café. At the same time, she works as an illustrator and always has a new project in her hands. She’s been painting graffiti since 2002 and painting is something she’s been into since a little girl.