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This virtual edition of Irudika 2020 will give illustrators, agents, bookshops and publishers the opportunity to create a professional network much larger than previous editions. Like the three previous editions, we are maintaining the training, conferences and professional appointments, but this time from a digital platform, on which participants can use the intranet for direct messaging, as well as meeting rooms for appointments, a personal gallery to upload information about yourself, your projects, and images of your work, catalogue or workspaces.

The opening of the event will take place in the Artium from 29th to 31st as we expected and will last virtually until November 30th.

You will be able to enjoy for a month all the content that we have created working with guests from countries such as Uruguay, France and Quebec in Canada, as well as content created from the Basque Country. We have been knocking on the doors of their studios, houses, offices… we have prepared very interesting talks for both the illustration and the publishing world.

When you buy your pass to the virtual platform, you will see that we differentiate if you are Illustrators, agents, companies and publishers, or visitors, institutions, libraries or bookshops. This helps us to organize the “community” of participants and your galleries. This year, everybody will be able to enjoy all the content of Parallel Sectors, Editorial World and Illustration World for just 60€, as well as getting in touch with all the participants, from any of the categories. In addition, as the workshops are digital, they will not have limited capacity.

In Parallel Sectors, the theme this year is Muralism and Street Art, if we cannot bring the guests, we invite you to travel to their places, and see the streets of their cities hand in hand with them, while at the same time we open a window to Euskadi that we look through each year during Irudika.

The ticket gives access only to the digital space. For the physical premiere at the Artium, we will launch the shows later, waiting to see if the restrictions allow us to continue with the physical celebration of streaming in the auditorium and subsequent networking in the Museum rooms. We are working hard to create a close experience, even if working remotely, which gives us the opportunity to take Irudika much further, connecting with professionals from all over the world. The content will be translated into Spanish, English, Basque and French.

We look forward to seeing you.