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Magnani editions

The Magnani editions arise from the need to create a publishing house with values that raise the illustrated book object, where the work of the author is the essential thing, without giving more importance to the narrative than to the own creative impulse of the artist, they publish "difficult books", with an impeccable design and study of the typography, of those that sell slowly and remain beyond the frenetic pace of novelties and are confident that a way to create different books exists, not depending on a market, but books that educate an audience without age or limits, that know how to discover the "good work" of their authors or book illustrators. Books that remain in our memory and make us question things.

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Editions Magnani



Julien Magnani

Julien Magnani, a graduate of the Estienne school, is a freelance editor at Éditions Magnani in Paris. Very attached to books and popular culture, from 2007 to 2010 he co-organised Les plus beaux livres français, aimed at promoting contemporary publishing creation. After working for several publishers, in 2011 he founded Éditions Magnani, a publishing house dedicated to the book illusion. According to his philosophy, the publisher is not just a supplier of authors or a developer, but a builder of books and design.