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Amanuense/e'a! Illustration and reading festival

Amanuense is a publishing house born in Guatemala in 2000, which has been pre-setting a collection of illustrated children's and young adults' literature with a focus on Spanish-American authors since 2009. E'A, Festival de Ilustración y Lectura seeks to bring children and young people from the department of Cologne closer to the world of illustration and reading, understanding these two universes as bridges for the promotion of creativity, the enjoyment of art and professional development.

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Amanuense y e’a!



Rodolfo Bolaño

Social communicator and art historian, Rodolfo Bolaños approaches his work as director of Amanuense with these professions and participates in Irudika, besides being an editor, as Co-Director of the E'a Festival de Ilustración y Lectura, a biennial event that takes place in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.