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Coqò dj: 1 library djset

Eclect homemade djset. World music, italo disco, fifteen sixteen, frou frou selection with special guests: Ghiaccioli e Branzini + Enzo Calzino

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Coqo Dj

Coqò djette is a selecter born in southern Italy. She began her artistic career years ago in Florence with continuous Parisian and Brussels forays. World music, global bass, hip hop, reggae, unusual songs from the 50s and 60s on vinyl characterize their selection. An unusual global fusion for a one-way trip without a destination. Indefinable and unexpected, the selection gives a veil of surprise and beautiful energy. Prepare a line-up in advance? Never. The goal is to surprise, always. Inexplicable combinations of genres and rhythms that don't need many questions. Every performance is a result of the moment, with a rich musical knowledge to draw from to serve the right song at the right time. A dj set of sensations, surprises, rhythm and exoticism, a wave of energy between the audience and the artist that sometimes risks taking even Coqò herself, who often temporarily leaves her console to hit the dance floor. A winning formula, made of spontaneity, which was liked in all latitudes, which led Coqò Dj to play, among other things, in France, Germany, Thailand, England, Portugal, Spain and Belgium, without forgetting Italy that has been the protagonist of her sessions from north to south of the boot.


Ghiaccioli e Branzini

Ghiaccioli e Branzini is a Dj and Producer of Turin. He lives in Florence. Over the years he improved his unique style, made by electronic music blended and contaminated with folk and popular music. He collaborates with several projects: Fanfara Station, Hugolini, Camillocromo Beat Band, Carnazza.

In recent years he has composed several soundtracks for TV Commercials, Fashion Shows collaborating with: Camo Factory, Cos, Everlast, Gucci, Guess, H & M, Levi's, Pitti Florence, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sebago, SuperDuper Hat.

In 2018 he won the “Folkint” italian award for best electronic folk project .

Latest release: Tebourba w/ Fanfara Station - Agualoca Records /// Prison Entertainment (Uk) || Gandy Dan- cer /// ChinChin Records (DE) || Ba na (feat Alberto Becucci) /// Pop Fiction (Uk) Stereotype / Ghiaccioli e Branzini Remix /// Musicadesso (US) Sciakatan P.Voltarelli / Ghiaccioli e Branzini Remix /// Mattinata Fioren- tina - Cumbia Rmx / Ghiaccioli e Branzini (Moustache Savage) 


Enzo Calzino

Raised on "bread and Motown" by a DJ father in the 70s, Calzino ranges from Funk to Disco, through Beat, R'n'R and Twist but also House and electronics.Collector of vinyl records before DJ, his collection starts from the melodies of the past and reaches the most contemporary sound with a focus on ItaloDisco and the most unknown ItaloFunk.His performances want to be a journey through the vinyl grooves having as their lowest common denominator the “pre-Beninism” that distinguishes him and trying to combine the most sought-after tracks with the “classicons” that sometimes you forget to know by heart.