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Maco and Ca_teter are two cartoonists who created the fanzine label Edicio- nes de la Uniceja: A publishing house for independent publications with a subjective-poetic point of view of reality, born from the desire to see on paper some projects that were saved or that were not for sale in Uruguay. Since 2017 they have published fifteen titles for sale in more than twenty fairs and bookstores in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Italy and Spain. Ediciones de la uniceja is a whimsical label: they publish new titles when they find a project they like. A catalogue that grows very slowly, but each fanzine is very special for the publisher.

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Montevideo, 1977. He studied drawing and painting with Tunda Prada, Fermín Hon- tou (Ombú) and Carlos Musso.he graduated from IENBA (Udelar) with a degree in Plastic and Visual Arts. He was selected for the 58th National Prize of Visual Arts "Linda Kohen". He was selected to be part of the Iberoamerican Illustration catalogue 2019 and 2020. In 2019 he publishes El abrazo del perro negro, a book of images and texts that was born from an artistic residence in the ruins of an old German mill in the outskirts of Lindolfo Collor, Porto Alegre, Brazil, invited by the visual artists Camila Leichter and Mauro Espíndola. In 2020 he publishes La gran carrera, his first children's book. He has participated as a guest at the Guadalajara Fair. He has also exhibited his work in Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Mexico. Together with Maco Algorta, he founded the independent fanzine publishing label Ediciones de la Uniceja



Montevideo, 1987. Self-taught cartoonist, he studied Architecture and Fine Arts. He published the comic strip Fedra in the collective blog Marche un cuadrito (which won the Sheldon award for best webcomic in 2012), and continues to publish with dubious regularity the comics Radiobujada and Café con Máximo in his blog. In 2011 he published his first book, Aloha, which was re-published in Spain the following year and won a prize from the Banda Dibujada (Buenos Aires). He has published several comic strips in collective books and magazines in Latin America (Volcán, Tabaré en viñetas, Larva, Brígida, Uruguayez, among others). In 2016 he published a monthly strip about dogs for Revista BLa and currently he publishes one about sports in Revista Túnel. With a script by Roy he published Greatest Hits in 2016 and Cannabis in 2019. She has participated as a guest in festivals in Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Peru. In 2017 she created together with ca_teter the fanzine label Ediciones de la uniceja, with which he has published several titles.