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Illustration Quebec

Illustration Québec is a non-profit organization founded in 1983 whose mission is to bring together and support illustrators, as well as to promote and give to know illustration. They help illustrators in their careers, organize events and exhibitions and develop various publications.

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Geneviève Bigué

Geneviève is a Canadian illustrator and graphic designer. She has worked in various books such as the one published this year “A noise in the walls” and
in various publications such as Reader’s Digest, Pica Magazine or L’Actualité. She also works with different clients such as agencies, festivals, makes posters, animation and runs a small online store where she sells products created from her illustrations and designs.


Mathieu Potvin

Until now, my work has been shown in many different ways: magazines, children books and comics, expos and posters to name a few. My artistic approach moves around a mix of mediums like watercolors, markers, ink, coloring pencils and Photoshop. I’m mainly inspired by pattern shaped visuals, often made of characters. Even if I love the comfort of my workshop, i love to get out of it and show my live drawing skills for corporate clients during special events.


Anne-Julie Dudemaine

Anne-Julie is an art director, illustrator and pattern maker who lives in Montreal. Her head is full of surreal scenes that mix feelings and memories of this world to open a door to a dream landscape that is all yours. Her style tells stories through the colors and characters she creates. She has worked for different and diverse clients and publications such as Le Monde, L’actua- lité and Uber.