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Chamo and Yassine de Vos founded the association and publishing house L'ARTICHO in 2006. Cartoonists and journalists saw clearly their interest in publishing comic illustration and any kind of graphic expression. L'articho is one of the most incredible publishing houses in France, because of its commitment to creators with proposals outside the commercial, for its self-managed and associative character that raises the creative process as the most important of the creation phases.


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Yassine de Vos

Yassine de Vos, defines herself as a BD cartoonist, graphic designer, journalist and yodel lover, and Chamo, author, illustrator, former bookseller, former presenter and fascinated by the multicoloured cocktails adorned with a mini sunshade. In recent years they have focused on their publishing activity, publishing children's books, comics and fanzines. This does not prevent them from offering parallel events around their publications or simply for fun: exhibitions, parties, meetings... For two authors, creating a publishing house is a challenge, especially when they set themselves the goal of doing things differently. For each project, they try to offer the author a space for personal creation and collaborate with him in all aspects of the book: production, graphics... Publishers and authors listen to each other, discuss, reconcile, laugh and finally share a good kebab.



Chamo is also an illustrator and graphic designer. She also works in the field of pedagogy and children's and cultural animation. One of her best known works is the book Serpent published under her own publishing label. She works from her studio in La Boucherie Banana, a former butcher's shop converted into a centre of operations.