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Darío Marroche

Hi, I'm Dario Marroche, architect and graphic designer, working as a visual arts publisher, coordinating microutopias since 2014. I have travelled around the world and lived several years in San Pablo (Brazil), currently working from Montevideo, my hometown.

We produce graphic publications that explore alternative formats to the traditional book, with printed projects of diverse themes, from a daily, subjective and small viewpoint. We explore the graphic format and resource as a narrative element of the works, expanding their interpretations and the creation of
meaning and subjectivity in the reader.


Victoria Apud

Hello, I am Victoria Apud, a graphic and industrial designer, interested in visual communication, fine arts and ceramics, as well as the world of printed art. I live and work in Montevideo (Uruguay) and I coordinate the annual Montevideo Printed Art Fair. Montevideo Art Book Fair, is an international meeting of publishers, artists and graphic producersxs of three days, with a fair of local and foreign exhibitors, and parallel programming on the world of print publications: launching session, practical workshops, graphic experiences and lectures, among others.